Attract Sanctity

Peace, money, bliss, love, success and worldly power - attract them in your life with Twilight Crossroads. Banish negativity, evil eye effect and spells from your surroundings to invite positivity, cleansed soul and pure luck.

My Background

I am Mambo Lilith, voodoo Priestess, initiated into The House of Jean Kent, Emperor. I was raised with a Christian background then later apprenticed for house member Brother Moloch in his sorcery magic teachings.

My Faith

I believe in animism and everything has a spirit: all in nature, animals, everywhere you look or go. It's always been important to me to be of service to those who need change in their lives and a little extra aid from metaphysics.

My Involvement

I have owned and operated Twilight Crossroads since 2008. I've done healing, uncrossing work, readings and more! I have much more to offer the public with new services and products which will be listed on the following pages.

Featured Products

Change your fate for good!

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