hand reading



How to Order a hand reading and submit the required photographs. I will need the following:

1.  Two clear photographs of your palms and fingers. These need to be  taken with at least an 8 megabyte digital camera. (Phone cameras are  only 3 megapixels at best so they do not work!) The photos (one for each  hand) need to include your palms, fingers and thumb. Have someone  take them about 2 to 3 feet away and use the Up Close function on the  camera. Use a plain white, black or gray towel as a neutral background  underneath the hands. I must be able to see the tiniest lines in your  palms - not just the big ones.

Look at the bottom of your hand. There are lines  running all through it. Usually there are four or five big, thick lines  running through the center of the palm but there are MANY little, tiny  lines running in different lengths and such. These tiny lines are what I  need to see WHO your Spirits are.

You can see these lines by first taking the  photographs, uploading them to your PC. Then use a picture program like  MS Paint, Photoshop or something else (I use Image Forge) and blow them  up. Are the tiny lines crystal clear? No? Then re-take the photos! If  they are crystal clear, then forward them on to me.

2. One facial photograph from about the same  distance. No make up on and if you're a man, please shave. This  photograph is important too because it can alert me to any potential  health problems you may or may not be aware of.

3. Your date of birth. This helps in Astrologically  setting up the timing for any rites associated with the item(s) you wish  to have.

Once the ritual is completed, you'll be told the following:

1. Who your Head Spirit is

2. What other significant Spirits walk with you

3. Any possible potential health concerns

4. What else is going on with your Spirits that may make them out of sorts

Then we can proceed from there. The reading is  steep at $300 but realize this ritual involves some rare ingredients  I must import from overseas.

Thank you for  ordering from me and please be patient. Many practitioners use the  Spirit I call to interpret the hands so giving me time to get this  done really helps. Thank you.