My Terms Working With You

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I specialize in healing, customized oils, powders, incenses, baths, perfumes, Shrine work and so much more! Understand I've spent thousands on supplies, books, my initiation and then some. Some of my items and work is expensive due to ongoing care and feeding the Loa and ingredients shipped from overseas. If you want power, you'll get the powerful. If you need something to fit into your budget, I have lower priced sorcery-based items as well.

Those of you who are seeking the aid of magic need to understand my terms:

 There are no refunds! Once I begin  working a case I must pay for ingredients, rituals are performed,  offerings are given, and my time is dedicated to your case. 

I  do not offer magic without a prior consultation. The consultation is  non-refundable no matter what the result of the consultation. You are  expected to be completely forthcoming with the information I require, if  you try to lie or deceive me you are to blame for your lack of results.

I  reserve the right to refuse to take on a case for any reason. Things I  won't do is break up a marriage, cause evil to children and  the unborn, or engage in petty harm to others! My spirits don't like  to do evil and I will not disrespect them for your cause.

I  cannot guarantee results, only that I will work the case with all of my  expertise and energy. If you see a doctor he does not guarantee a cure  only treatment, likewise, if you see a lawyer he only guarantees that he  will work your case not that he will win it for you. The same is true  with magic. Anyone that can guarantee results is after your money! 

​I  cannot specify a time-frame for results. I can, however, give you  probabilities and estimates on when you will start to see results. 

You  may be asked to do small rituals to help facilitate the magic or be given other real world suggestions.  If  you are given instructions you are expected to follow them! Failure to  do so puts your results at risk.

If you choose to work with me, I expect you to only work with me. Other workers may interfere with my spirits and compromise the magic. If you hire other workers and I find out I will drop your case and there will be no refund! 

My  time is valuable. I am a one woman show. I have no helpers or employees  working for me, and because of that fact I have very little free time. I  will work with you on a day and time we can discuss your case.  I will not tolerate harassment! If you  continually contact me with disregard to my personal life I will drop  your case and there will be no refund!

It is to your benefit to be honoring your ancestors. They are the backbone of all magic, protection and aid in your life.