The (Lusty Sex) oil worked perfectly and I did tell my brother that it was for lust specifically not love. Before he was in the serious relationship he always had a big smile on his face, so I know he was having a good time. Thank you for your kind words.
“A. from California 2017”

I have had the pleasure of purchasing products from Twilight Crossroads, she sells wonderful items, the wish powder helped me get a job that I really needed. Lilith Wynz is gifted at what she does, she was willing to answer my questions and give recommendations as to how to best use her products for the desired effect. I am glad that I came across her site and plan to purchase more products from her. Great seller and truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend her.
“Abe from California”

Sometimes I use your Lust powder when I do a demo. I’m not trying to hit on customers with it, lol, but it really does help me sell stuff, especially to guys but also (straight) women! It seems to just help with persuasion and magnetism overall. Except I do occasionally get hit on when I use it so I use it very sparingly lol. But then I get hit on without it sometimes too. Definitely more with though.
“S on 2/13/18”

Thank you for the good energy, love and care you put into my supplies (for the Uncrossing Kit) I felt it strongly when I opened the package, it was an invigorating and exciting feeling that I got from it. I was really pleasantly surprised. I really want you to know how happy I am. The incense is amazing, the most beautiful smelling, natural and NO chemical/perfume fake smells. The oils are also wonderful, I could drink JOY up. The bath wash is like a beautiful rose garden and the bay powder is good enough to cook with! I can see you use high-quality natural supplies and that is extremely important to me. I am very sensitive to chemicals and stay away from most products.
“C. from Canada, 2018”

I believe (the Uncrossing Ritual Kit) went very well! Prior to doing it, I had a lot of intrusive thoughts and anxiety when socializing with others. I can say that these things has decreased in occurrence dramatically towards the last few days of the ritual. Also, I used to feel like I gave off a weirdo/creep vibe. I can happily say that this also has dissipated.
“K. from Ohio, 2018”

Good Afternoon with Respect and Honor Priestess Lilith— Hope all is well! Let me tell you about progress! My daughter’s last day of school is tomorrow and she is looking forward to spending time with her dad. She will spray the perfume and recite Psalm 51 /91 every morning. Somehow, the news got out that I was divorced but I kept it a secret for a long time as you know. Now I will stop wearing my rings (progress, moving on). I feel like my old self and that is a good feeling and I feel good about myself. I take good care of my daughter and I do the best I can for her, as you know! Yes, I love putting on the Money Aid Oil at night on my body. I do feel success at night and when I wake up. I do see a difference in my overall life. My daughter and I have a closer bond which I feel good about. I will see more improvements in my life and her life as we move forwards with uncrossing. Thank You and The Spirits for Blessing US!