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  • Miss Lilith custom makes three different uncrossing baths of variable strength, dependent on your issue. The remaining baths were made by  an Authentic Houngan Aswoge

    Luck Bath
    Love Bath
    Uncrossing Bath
    Price $200


  •  This perfume is designed by the Loa Spirits is ideal for keeping away the crossed conditions that first plagued you. The perfume is not for use prior to nor in lieu of an Uncrossing Bath. It works BEST if you do the Uncrossing Bath first for 7 days & then use one single drop of perfume on your neck.

    Luck Perfume
    Love Perfume
    Uncrossing Perfume
    Price $100


  Good Afternoon with Respect and Honor Priestess Lilith— Hope  all is well!  Let me tell you about progress! My daughter's last day of  school is tomorrow and she is looking forward to spending time with her  dad.  She will spray the perfume and recite Psalm  51 /91 every morning.  Somehow, the news got out that I was divorced but I kept it a  secret for a long time as you know. Now I will stop wearing my rings  (progress, moving on).  I feel like my old self and that is a good  feeling and I feel good about myself.   I take good  care of my daughter and I do the best I can for her, as you know! Yes,  I love putting on the Money Aid Oil at night on my body. I do feel success  at night and when I wake up.  I do see a difference in my overall  life.  My daughter and I have a closer bond which I feel good about.  I will  see more improvements in my life and her life as we move forwards with  uncrossing. Thank You and The Spirits for Blessing US! 

Current Deals

If you buy a bath and perfume, the price is $250 plus Shipping and Handling. This offer will NOT be around forever, get it while it's hot!


Miss Lilith designs powerful headwashes for only $75 plus Shipping and Handling. Comes in one dram bottle.

Crossed Condition/Confusion
Sweeten Your Head/For Anger, Resentment

Open Third Eye, Vision


Full $125.00 enchantments are included with all of the above products plus time on one of my Loa's shrines for additional blessing and enchantment. Please include photo, birth name and birth date in an email to me. 

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