Working Spirit

  •  Is life not going as prosperous as you thought it would? Is your business not flowing with customers? Are you unable to find a job, or is money not flowing into your bank account like you thought it would? Is your luck just flat out BAD? Then give me a try. My powerful working Loa will lend you a hand in the above matters and then some!  Why mess around with candle spells that need to be repeated over and over when you can get with a POTENT, active Spirit?  

  •  The Loa require offerings, candles and liquor which I will give on your behalf. I put your photo on one of my shrines with your birth-date and petition.  Consultation and hand reading is required prior to work. Understand not all shrines are available at certain times due to other clients who book space first. Also see my terms.   
    Short and long-term petition agreements available at reasonable rates.

  • Healing
  • Job Seeking
  • Business Luck
  • Court Case - Civil & Divorce
  • Protection
  • and more...

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